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"We Real Cool" is a uniform project designed for my little sisters and brothers of Betty Shabazz International Charter School. It’s an educational and creative effort using clothes as a medium to empower Betty Shabazz students while instilling a true sense of pride, community, high self-esteem, and culture. We’re saying no to boring uniforms that don’t connect!

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“We Real Cool,” a uniform project. I’ve always been intrigued with the language of clothes and how they can speak. The old concept “if you look good, you feel good” has always been a notion that I find to still be very relevant today. Taking this idea of looking good and feeling good as the foundation, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could help in changing the narrative of school uniforms from being boring and lame to something more meaningful, fun, cool, unique, and most importantly, culturally relevant.   

So, I took it upon myself to update the school uniforms and design a collection for my alma mater, Betty Shabazz International Charter Schools.

This project is an educational effort in the sense of me attempting to push for innovative and creative approaches that demonstrate school and life values, all through clothes. In collaboration with Chicago Votes, the Midwest Culture Lab, and Betty Shabazz, I’ll be releasing a collection and lookbook for Betty Shabazz in February 2019. For next school year, I plan to provide all 300-plus Shabazz students with at least two pieces from the collection. My goal is to raise enough money to have this goal realized.

- Des